Game of Trees Portable version

Latest Release: 0.79

The following operating systems are officially supported by the portable version of Game of Trees:

got-portable has been pre-packaged for the following systems:

Source code for released portable versions is available in the releases/portable directory. The file README.portable contains installation instructions.

For any -portable patches, please send them to the gameoftrees mailing list.

Separate ports, based on the OpenBSD version rather than the portable version, exist for FreeBSD and NetBSD.

The official Game of Trees -portable Git repository can be cloned from

git clone

Git protocol access is also available if needed, but is discouraged because it does not use encryption:

git clone git://
If the got(1) utility is already installed it can be used instead of Git to clone the repository and check out a work tree:
got clone git://
got checkout got-portable.git

A web interface for browsing the code is also available.

Read-only clones of the got-portable repository are available at: