Game of Trees Installation Instructions

These installation instruction apply to the OpenBSD version of Game of Trees. See the portable version for installation instructions which apply to other operating systems.

Game of Trees can be installed on OpenBSD with:

pkg_add got

Alternatively, compile the devel/got port:

cd /usr/ports/devel/got
make SUDO=doas install

The installation includes:

As a post-installation step the GOT_AUTHOR environment variable should be set:

export GOT_AUTHOR='Flan Hacker <>'

The repository web frontend gotweb can likewise be installed from packages:

pkg_add gotweb
Alternatively the -web subpackage of the port can be built:
cd /usr/ports/devel/got
env SUBPACKAGE=-web make
env SUBPACKAGE=-web doas make install
Setup instructions are provided in the gotweb manual page.

The newer FastCGI repository web frontend gotwebd can likewise be installed from packages, in the same way as gotweb, except the package name is gotwebd and the sub-package suffix in the ports tree is -webd.